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Jhonathan "Moicano" Marques Takes Gold at the Spyder Korea Road To Black

Jhonathan "Moicano" Marques Road To Blaock

Jhonathan Marques, more commonly known as Moicano, made his brown belt debut in Korea last week at the Spyder Invitation 2021 Road to Black Tournament.

Moicano spent most of the lockdown at home training at Terere Kids Project but returned to Dream Art in Sao Paulo before heading out to Korea.

His hard work most definitely paid off. He won 3 fights, a nice check for US 5,000, and a spot in the upcoming Black Belt Invitational.

Jhonathan "Moicano" Marques Road To Black Champion

You can watch his fights on the Spyder Invitation YouTube Channel.

Fight 1

Semi final 1


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